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Kobe Bryant Knew the Key to Success

Sports coaching tips of the day

Like most of you, I suppose, I have read numerous stories about Kobe Bryant’s work ethic, one which made him among the greatest of all time. There is one quote I read, which I have been passing on to my students of late.

First, though, I tell them what coaches want of them, and it’s not the occasional highlight-reel play. It’s making the routine play over and over again. Sure, the outstanding play enthuses everyone, but consistently performing the average play will help win games more than the super one.

I then tell them of Kobe’s quote, “I never get bored with the basics.” Such a fabulous line that announces the key to reaching their potential. It’s not only about putting in the work on the fundamentals. It’s about enjoying that process and not getting bored with them – ever.

It takes a rare athlete to have that mindset, but those that have it, improve the most, succeed and reach their peak performance. Many players immediately want to work on the diving catch and ESPN play of the day, but the key to ultimate success is doing the little things correctly on the routine plays.

Coaching reminders to players:

“The fundamentals are just that, and they work.”

“Talent will only take you so far; the fundamentals are crucial to make that talent shine.”

“You will be amazed at how your confidence and the mental game grows as your fundamentals improve.”

“There are no shortcuts to success.”

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