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Jack Perconte

Leading Like Leaders Do

Before taking on a coaching responsibility please remember the following.
My all-time favorite quote when it comes to sports coaching comes from legendary coach, Amos Alonzo Stagg. When asked whether a team was his best one, he responded with “I won’t know for 20 years or so.” Wow – I love that.
Stagg recognized that his leadership coaching was dependent on how players’ lives would end up years after their time together. His response attests to just how powerful a coach’s influence can be, not only for sports but for players’ lives, too.
No pressure, but you are not just coaching for today or even for the season, you are teaching skills they will need for a lifetime. Review before the season the life skills you want kids to know that will help them down the road.
* Empower them to believe in themselves and their teammates.
* Teach them communication skills – invite them to ask why whenever they want.
* Show them adversity is a temporary thing.
* Help them realize sports and life are never-ending works in progress.
* Explain what success really is – doing their best and preparing to reach that level.