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How to Get Players to Pay Attention

Coaches must know this, if they want to get the most out of their instruction.
Every additional player added to a teaching session makes it a little tougher to keep players’ attention, especially with close friends, who tend to always gravitate towards each other.
Friends are often more interested in socializing and having fun than in paying attention and working hard.
With the whole team together for instruction, it is even more difficult to get and keep youths’ attention, especially as players get more comfortable around each other as the season progresses. There will always be a couple of teammates who will want to talk to each other.
With that in mind, try these:
• Separate players from their closest friends when doing small group work
• Look directly at the player(s) whose mind seems to be wandering when giving group talks to give them the message to pay attention.
• Teach one on one as much as possible during practice.
• Teach the most important stuff early in the season and early in practice sessions – that gives you the best chance of keeping them engaged.
• Have the respect rule – when kids are fooling with one another when you are talking, the whole team runs a lap or does a few push-ups. Make sure it’s the whole team and not the guilty parties, as they will get the message from others in time.