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Jack Perconte

Life Changing Coaching if You Can Pull it Off

Another sentiment I try to pass on to athletes:
“Play to win, but just as important, play to beat yourself”
Winning the game is one measure of success, but another valuable measure is surpassing one’s self- expectations.
Sure, teaching athletes to work and win as a team is a coaching goal. Along with that though, is helping each player win the inner game against themselves.
Helping kids learn to overcome a lack of confidence, self and outside pressures, and adversity in all its forms, is life-changing, if you can do it.
As all things coaching, it’s a process. Begin by:
1. Analyzing each player’s makeup - their confidence level, ability to handle pressure and adversity.
2. Explain that effort and preparation provide satisfaction. which opens the door to confidence and poise.
3. Teach players how to compete, express themselves, and have a solid work ethic.
4. Develop kids who want challenges, show attention to detail, and focus through distractions.
Quite a hefty coaching job, I know - begin today and do your best!