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Know these keys to improvement
Here’s the thing – when I film good hitters and bad hitters, the problems they have usually get back to one of the same issues at the start of their swing. It’s not as if the weaker hitters have a million things wrong. They just have further to correct it. With that in mind:
• Try to find the root cause of bad mechanics. Once athletes get to work on it, the rest falls in line when they practice enough.
• The “keep it simple method” is best – over loading players with too much to think about or do is not good. Sticking to one thing at a time is best.
• Challenge players according to their temperament – too much challenge for some players immediately is demoralizing, whereas others embrace it.
• Most players (people) have short attention spans and/or get bored quickly, so adding variety to the practice plan is crucial, especially for those less enthused to try new things.
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