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Jack Perconte

Never Ending Coaching Process

As we all know, there is a physical side to sports and the mental side. Both are extremely important to peak performance. The better the athlete and their skills, the higher ceiling for success than those without those. However, players who are less physically gifted can compete with the best when they have the fundamentals and are mentally strong.
Putting the two together, no matter the ceiling, are the players that reach their potential, which is not always an easy thing to do. The coach’s job is to develop the fundamentals and athleticism, and in that process, provide the solid mental tips that create the confidence and poise to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of playing.
Over time, this mental support builds up players’ abilities to handle adversity, as well as the necessary aggressiveness, focus, and love of the game.
My most used phrases to that end are:
“That’s part of the game.” It helps kids understand that certain events happen all the time to everybody, not just to them and that they must get used to it in order to overcome the setback.
Statements like “Hang in there,” “You can do it,” “You’ll get them next time,” and “Things will change” all express the same things and are the type of mental tips coaches should use. You is the most powerful word when used in a positive way.
The following give athletes the right perspective to helps kids understand that it’s supposed to be hard and that success is not automatic.
“You only control two things, your preparation, and your effort, not the outcome.”
“If it was easy, everyone would do it.”
“Your goal is not to prove anything to anyone, but to improve."
The more hopeful you can keep athletes, the better chance they have of continuing for a long time.