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Jack Perconte

Never, Ever, Take This for Granted

Balls, bats, bodies, create hurt - it only takes one incident to ruin a player's season, or career. I have a horror story from my high school playing days that still brings a tear to my eyes. I hope our school coach has been able to come to terms with it these many years later.  

Your top coaching responsibility

 You never want to get a late-night call from an upset parent because their child had an unknown injury at practice. The one thing you never want to take for granted is the well-being of your players.

Gone are the days when “shake it off” can be a coach’s reaction like it once was. Ask players to inform the coaching staff of injuries, no matter how minor. You must listen, take injury concerns seriously, and deal with them accordingly. Most of all, be sure and inform parents of any injury, no matter how minor it may have seemed.

Any head injury is of utmost priority. When there is any doubt, players must leave play and recommend to parents that they see a physician immediately. Be sure and know the signs and initial treatment of the most common injuries, and always have ice and an adequate medicine kit on hand.


  • At season’s start and occasionally thereafter, go over protection procedures with all the coaches.
  • Make sure players wear the appropriate gear and that all equipment is up to standards – all season long.
  • Help players recognize the difference between hard and dirty play. The latter involves the intent to injure and goes beyond aggressive actions.


Safety first and always!