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Jack Perconte

Nudge don't Push

Things you should teach and stay on top of:
1. Praise progress, but do not let players settle for mediocrity - remind them that better is a constant goal. Players often become satisfied with themselves when so much more is possible. Improvement of the fundamentals improves success, always.
2. Tell them to never take success for granted - athletes never totally “get there.” Right when one thinks they have the fundamentals, the timing or something else disappears.
3. Teach them to have a short memory – players must be able to separate past from the next. Some frustration is inevitable but players should never let it get the best of them.
4. Remind them to separate in- game performance from practice - practice is for concentrating on good habits, games are for concentrating on seeing and reacting to the visual stimuli and trusting their practice habits.
5. Tell them that consistency begins with a plan. Finding and maintaining a daily routine is necessary, as well as developing a pre-game and pre play mental ritual.
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