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Jack Perconte

Nudge don't Push

Don't push - it will backfire.
Pushing is when adults put so much emphasis on individual achievement to the point where the success is more important for the adult than for the child. Nudging gives kids options with the intent to steer them in the right direction.
What to do?
* Treat every aspect of kids’ life where effort is important, with the same emphasis. Being casual about youth working hard in school, but being adamant they practice more is an example.
* Encouraging kids to have friends and develop strong relationships is more important than being the best player.
* Inform players that your expectations are that they play hard and strive to improve as the season moves on.
* Forget individual statistics – let players know that they will not be published.
* Remind players that long-range goals are more important than game to game success.
* Remind players that it's enjoyment of the process that is important, not just the results.
* Treat players with the respect you expect them to have for you.