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Jack Perconte

Pushing Good when it Comes from the Right Source

Can you get them to do the pushing?
It’s natural for parents to have far ranging and often unrealistic goals for their kids. As a coach that is not your concern. However, it is your concern to get the most out of your players. You can do that by giving them the one goal that will allow them to reach their potential. It is the goal that the greatest players have – daily improvement.
Many believe that the best players have higher goals that set them apart. Perhaps, but they achieve that with a simple, straightforward goal - a daily work ethic that pushes themselves to be better.
“Don’t only be out to prove what you can do, be out to improve,” is something I tell kids a lot.
Coaches should not push players to go beyond their comfort level but explain that success only comes with a daily focus on getting better. Keep practice exiting, challenging, and fun. In that way, the truly dedicated players will develop the desire to push themselves. That is when you have achieved your goal as a coach.
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