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Jack Perconte

Quality Control and Sequential Problem Solving

Don’t get intimidated by the title here, it’s about understanding athletic movements and solid coaching tactics.
I run into this situation constantly in my profession. A coach or parent knows what a player is doing wrong but get very frustrated with the player for not being able to change from the advice the adult gives them. The problem unbeknownst to them is that they do not get to the heart of the action.
Most coaches believe they know what is wrong when players struggle with a sports skill and often, they are right. Coming up with a solution proves much more difficult because of this: Sports moves require a sequence of moves, and when done out of order the result is insufficient. Furthermore, when any action is incorrect at some stage, the rest will be compromised. The result, once again, is inferior play. So, if the first move a player performs is wrong, usually everything to follow will not be correct.
Most coaches see moves three and four as wrong and address those with possible solutions, but without fixing the root cause, that effort will not be productive. That is what separates the best coaches, they can get to the root cause of the action, which gives the following actions a chance to be correct and thus, an improved athlete. For example, a coach sees the player with wild throws and works to improve their arm action, when the real problem often begins with their lower half of the body.
This is not to knock coaches without this know how, but to encourage them to look deeper into the source of issues.
Points to know:
1. Find the root cause of movements by asking the experts.
2. Watch video of the pros performing skills.
3. Also find out the correct sequence of movements so the order is correct.
4. Address root causes, fixing those will give players the best chance to improve.
5. Remember, more is not better until the moves are correct, then one cannot do them enough.