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Reality vs. Perspective - Parent Coach Tips

 A Short Story

 Brad’s mom could not take it anymore. She walked into the house, went up to her room, and started crying. Soon after, her husband walked in and asked what was wrong. She said she was upset because their son had another terrible game that day and she felt so bad for him. She went on to say how terrible their son felt and she did not know what to do to help. Her husband volunteered to go talk to him. He walked into their son’s room only to hear his son excitedly say,

“Dad, watch this, I’m beating this video game!”


Understandably, sports create tension for parents too. However, the reality is most young players are more resilient than adults realize. The problems come when adults want success more than the players. Perspective is key, and it is different for all because all kids are different. Regardless, parents should remind themselves of the following:

  • It is OK to expect effort from your child, not unreasonable success.
  • Sports play is only one aspect of a kid’s life and not the most important.
  • Kids being a part of something more than themselves and developing friendships are more important than winning and personal achievement.
  • Showing your child you always believe in them in is crucial, even if they are the worst player on the team.
  • “Forget about it” is a phrase all adults should be saying often.