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Recognizing what Positive Coaching Is and Isn't

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What positive coaching is and isn’t?
It is important to recognize what positive coaching means. because it often gets the wrong interpretation.
Many people shake their heads when they hear the word positive with coaching. They automatically believe it means keeping everyone happy all the time and allowing kids to do whatever they want. They think it means being soft with athletes. Nothing is further from the truth.
First, positive coaching recognizes that athletes are more than what they can do for you on the playing fields. It shows the respect to others that coaches expect from others. Positive coaching promotes opportunity, knowledge, optimism, hard work, development, and success.
Positive coaching never alienates a child from wanting to play and never diminishes their dreams or character.
However, positive coaching does not mean the giving of false assessments to athletes or their parents, so no one’s feelings get hurt.
Fairness and honesty are at the top of the list of positive coaching attributes. It’s not positive if coaches do not hold others accountable for their effort and actions.
If that means you, the coach, are not always liked, so be it. In the end, people will respect you and those that don’t, will move on, which is a win for you anyway.