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Jack Perconte

Respect for the Game begins with You

The best youth games are when people leave the games and had no idea what the coaches or officials looked like.
Respect for the game means that everyone involved - players, coaches, parents, fans, and officials - realize there is certain etiquette (sportsmanship) that dictates how all should act. Each person must treat each other with the respect they expect from others.
That process begins with the coach who should never make the situation about them, instead of about the players and the game itself. Additionally, people must realize youth sports is not professional ones, so the actions they see and read about are not appropriate for the youth game. Unfortunately, many involved at the youth levels cannot draw that line.
You, the coach, are the first responsible party for maintaining respect and that begins with coaching players with respect and properly managing the situations when the respect line is broached.
Following are common signs you are failing with your responsibility:
1. Kicking or throwing objects when play goes awry.
2. Arguing with umpires.
3. Showing up a player on the field, before, or after a game or at practice.
4. Playing with a win at all cost demeanor.
5. Bringing most of the attention to themselves.
6. Allowing un-sportsmanship behavior to pass without bringing it to the attention of the perpetrators and league officials.
Be the Best!