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Jack Perconte

Role Model Coaching when it Counts Most

Before every game you should prepare for questionable officiating. Review in your mind exactly how you plan to handle things with class to avoid regrettable actions later.
Remember, officiating is questionable at the highest levels of sports, so youth coaches should be aware that it will be shaky at their level. Often, it is just older young people, who have little experience, officiating games which is all the more reason to let things go without questioning their calls.
What to do?
• Prepare teams and parents for the likelihood of inadequate officiating at the beginning of season and from time to time.
• Ignore it and do not make it an issue in front of the team.
• Use it as a teaching moment when players and or parents get upset with the calls. Allowing others to complain will enable, all and that takes away from the game itself.
• Act with integrity and you will earn high regard from all and other will eventually follow your example.
• After games, email the league administrators that a particular official needs further training.