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Sports Coaching Secret that Every Coach Needs to Know

Coaching secret that every coach (and parent) needs to know!
Forget confidence, develop this for better performance and less frustration.
Just kidding of course, because it is best when athletes play with confidence, but that comes and goes. I played major league baseball and you would be amazed at how little confidence I played with and not only there. I had little in little league, high school and so forth. How does one do it without it. One way – focus. That’s what I try to develop in players – focus overcomes all and is the secret of the best.
Sure, focus on one’s goal is necessary, but more important is focus when playing and practicing. And the key to that intense concentration begins with knowledge. I played with no confidence because I didn’t understand what I was doing, even though I could do it. Not knowing why or how I could do it led to little self-assurance and great frustration when things went awry.
When you notice players frustrated (most), telling them to relax rarely works. Presenting knowledge of what and why they should do things a certain way is the answer. Once they can begin to self-analyze their actions because they know right from wrong, they understand, and realize they can do something to overcome it. They can develop a plan to make necessary adjustments. In time, frustration becomes less and less, and eventually they can relax and focus through the tough times.
Be the best!