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Success Coaching and Coaching to Win

Sports coaching tips of the day
Legendary coach Amos Alonzo Stagg said "I won't know for 20 years" when asked if his year of coaching was successful.
Recognize the difference between coaching for success and coaching to win. Coaching for success goes way beyond winning that day’s game or any championship. There is nothing wrong with coaching to win, but winning is a temporary thing.
Success coaching is crucial and it affects kid’s lives even off the playing fields. Coaching for success is the art of helping athletes feel that they are a valuable part of a group. It’s about never taking away their self-esteem. It’s about putting them into positions where they have the best chance of succeeding. Kids should be made to feel like they are winners when they show effort, no matter the score or their individual results.
The best news is that coaches can do both - coach to win and for success - if they maintain the correct perspective.
Be the best!