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The Coaching Pledge - A Much Needed Trend to Start

Sports coaching tips of the day

The craziness has no way of ending until someone takes charge.

     Leagues and organizations must do more to create a better youth sports environment than we currently have. Unruly parents and win at all cost coaches seem to rule the day now. 

 A good way to begin that process is with the following coaching pledge, which coaches should sign and be given a copy of. Additionally, game officials should be required to remind coaches of their pledge before every game. That may seem excessive, but the times have changed and unfortunate incidents pop up way too often.

 Coach’s pledge:


  1. I will do my best to always do the right thing by my players, individually and collectively.
  2. I will always teach in a way that helps, and never harms kids.
  3. I will handle all disagreements and unsportsmanlike behavior with civility.
  4. I vow to act with dignity and class during games.
  5. I will ask for and demand, when necessary, the same above behavior from my parents.
  6. Sports are a journey taken with others, never alone, and the journey is one everyone should enjoy.
  7. I will be the positive role model I set out to be.


Please pass on to the leagues and coaches in your life.