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Jack Perconte

The Complete Player Coaching

Much goes into developing an athlete. It’s a continual process of evolving the mechanical, mental game, and physical conditioning. When one area is deficient, it shows up against the best competition. With each passing year, each becomes ever more necessary, especially the psychological aspect. When the mind begins to waver with self-doubt, the end may be near for an athlete.

As a coach, your priority is the fundamental skill management. Next, you should provide conditioning material and information of respected physical training instructors in the area to parents and athletes. You can also suggest books that help athletes develop the mental side of sports. Even knowing of a reputable sports psychologist may be of use for elite athletes that need extra mental training. Of course, all along the way, you must help develop resiliency and mental toughness in them.

Doing that little extra can make a difference, as adversity comes to all.  The easiest way to teach that is by modeling it yourself when faced with it, as it comes to every coach, too.