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Making a Difference in Youth Sports Coaching
There are no excuses for not being the role model coach you set out to be. Information is at your fingertips. Period.
In a perfect world, every volunteer would have the goal of influencing youth in a positive way and of giving something back to the sport they love. But, if this were the criteria, there would be too few coaches to go around. The problems arise because most volunteers do not have the training to give fair treatment to all. Regardless of their original intentions, coaching training is essential. It can help all coaches become revered and qualified ones. Parents should demand that leagues provide education for their coaches.
A step in that process is The Aspen Institute’s Project Play Report titled Sport for All, Play for Life: A Playbook to Get Every Kid in the Game. It details 8 areas that can help communities allow every child to have the opportunity
Next, read and recommend to other coaches the helpful information put out by the:
National Alliance for Youth
Positive Coaching Alliance,
Changing the Game Project
Finally, get a copy of Creating a Season to Remember – Yes, my book will give you thousands of ideas on how to deal with every coaching situation and be the role model you set out to be. Period.