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The Longest Mile - A Short Story

Everyone involved in sports realizes that it is not all fun and games. There is hard work, failure and disappointment. As if that is not enough, there is this - the most disappointing thing - the loss of enjoyment caused by those closest to the athlete.

The Longest Mile – A short story

I could not wait to ask him. I had not seen my old friend for eight years after he moved away at the age of twelve. You see, my friend Gary would practically beg me to ask his dad if he could come over to my house after every game. He said his dad would let him if I asked him. So, I would. Gary going home with me immediately after games became a regular occurrence. I never knew why it was so important to him.

We finally were meeting, after all that time, at a college football game. After a while, I worked up the nerve to ask my old teammate why he always insisted on coming home with me after the games. After a slight hesitation, he said, “the fifteen-minute drive home with my dad after games was the worst time of my life. My dad was never satisfied with how I played, and he would let me know it. I couldn’t stand it and never played sports again after we moved away.”

 Sports coaching tips of the day:
* Do not be that parent!