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Sports coaching tips of the Day

The responsibility of keeping parents within the bounds of perspective and sportsmanship may not be a pleasant one but coaches are in the best position to do something.

Sure, it is just youth sports, but a line must be drawn when someone is out to cross it and ruin things for others. Coach John Wooden said that coaches must sometimes use the best teaching tool available to them – the bench, at least when it comes to the parents.

Coaches should institute two youth coaching rules from day the team has tryouts or the day the team gets together for the first time, when no tryouts exist.

Rule #1 – Players of parents, who rant during games at their child, another player, the referees, the opposition coaches, and/or opposing fans, gets their child an immediate spot on the bench.

Once again, coaches must make this rule clear to parents before tryouts or with the first formation of the team. With that, parents, who feel they cannot abide by the clearly expressed rule, should not have their child try out or remain on the team.

Rule # 2 – Parents cannot confront the coach with issues before, during, or after games or practices. Issues are only to be discussed with a phone call or at another mutually arranged time with other coaches present and no children around. Parents, who break this rule, get their child a prime seat on the bench, once again.