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The Position Dilemma

How you handle this will make or break you as a youth coach.
Even at the young ages, parents and athletes often have preconceived thoughts as to what position they should play, and many want the glory spots – quarterback, point guard, shortstop, etc…
As a coach, go into it knowing that it is natural for parents to overestimate their child’s skill level. Do not hold that against them but be clear from the start of practice or formation of the team what your process for choosing positions is. Tell all that fairness will be a top priority in choosing them. If you plan on rotating players continually during games, make that plan clear from the start, too.
Whatever the case, relate the following at the start:
• Versatility is a good thing for all players’ futures, so it’s not the worst thing for them to learn and play other spots.
• A player’s strengths do not always fit the position, or another player is better. Invite parents to attend practices if they want to observe such.
• Remind all that you must consider what’s best for the team, not just individual desires.
• You will do your best to get some time at their favorite positions in practice when you can.
• That parents should have players continue to practice their favorites on their own.