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Sports coaching tips of the day

Of course, I get great pleasure in helping players improve their athletic skills. But even more comes when I help them have a brighter outlook on their play.

Every player has a different personality and shows emotions differently. Some players handle failure by getting angry, some act as if they do not care, some blame others, and some cry. A little “tender loving care” can take care of most players, but with some, you will need time to change their attitude.

A coach’s job is to buy time until progress shows up. The best coaches help players deal with their frustrations with the words they use. An attitude adjustment comes for many athletes when the coaches say the right things and with conviction. Players will see through statements that are not heartfelt. Be sure to look players dead in the eye when making them.  

The attitude change process begins with the following statements:


  • “It won’t be the last time.” Some athletes fall apart at the first sign of failure and it’s important to let them know the nature of sports.
  • “Hang in there, we’ll figure it out.” We is a powerful word that will let your players know you are there to help and they do not have to figure out the lack of success on their own.
  • “I’ve seen you do it right before, even if it is not showing up in the games, yet.” Do not be disingenuous but point out the things they are getting better at in workouts. Progress is the best motivator.
  • “Quit beating yourself up, everything takes time.” Many players think that things should come easy.
  • “Hey, pick up your smile, I think you dropped it.” This one is self-explanatory.