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The Questions to Develop In-Game Focus

Developing in game focus is a constant coaching task.
Keeping kid’s heads in games is a constant coaching plan, but one that many coaches do not know how to do. One way to do it is with the following five questions that coaches can employ for every game all season. The best part of this strategy is that after a while, you will notice players begin to answer without even having to ask the questions.
Here are some questions that help to make sure kids are into the game. These queries may create some discussion for the players, if not fun. They will give the current bench players something to do while not in the game, too.
1. What’s the score? Although this seems unnecessary, it’s incredible how many players have no clue what the score is. Remind players that the score often dictates the rest of the game strategy, along with giving them examples of such.
2. What are your responsibilities (for the position you are playing)? Many kids will be unsure of this at first, and that is your coaching goal to remind them of their role.
3. Who appears to be the best player on the other team? Often at the youth level, games are won by a dominating player.This awareness is vital, so the extra focus can be on that player with the reminder that we must do our best to limit that player’s production. Kids will enjoy debating this one sometimes.
4. Who wants the action coming their way? This basic query involves a simple answer, of course, but one that is an excellent way to help players understand that sports are about accepting challenges and the fearless attitude you want to see from them.
5. If you could do that play again, what would you have done different? No better way for players to learn then this question. It may be best to save this one for a later time with some kids. If they do not know the answer, of course your goal is to answer it for them.
Without questions, it’s hard to know if kids are learning, but remember, you may have to provide many of the answers in the beginning.