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Train Yourself - Knowing the Best Ways to Influence

With the advent of travel sports years ago now, there is little regulation and accountability of coaches. Anyone can start a team and pretty much do as they like. Unfortunate to say the least.
It would help if coaching training were a part of every coach’s pre-season preparation. Without a comprehensive coaching requirement, each coach must take it upon themselves to better their coaching philosophy and methods. Coaches should prepare before beginning the season by researching the best ways of working with athletes, along with plans to communicate with parents.
It is unfair that everything falls into the coaches’ laps, but until mandatory parent education classes arrive, coaches must control players, adults, and ugly game situations that sometimes occur.
If they research what’s best in youth coaching, they will find the following:
• Kids want the opportunity to compete, so that means mandatory equal-playing time for all, aver the course of the season.
• Up to the age of twelve or so, versatility is essential, so players should get to play many positions.
• Fairness in picking the best spots for that positioning is key to keeping everyone content.
• Giving equal coaching time to every player is another absolute.
• Understanding that encouragement goes farther than negativity and cynicism.
• Free play, where players are allowed to play at practice without coaching, should be an occasional plan, too.
* Although everyone prefers winning, it is not high on the reasons why kids play, so do not make it a major factor in player development.
Finally, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, coaching is about relationship building more than anything else – that means developing the relationships between players, between coaches and players, and among coaches and parents.
Yes, there is a lot to being a quality youth sports coach but is will all be worth it when others look at you as a positive role model for everyone.