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Tryout Tips

Youth sports coaching tips of the day - Getting off to the right start.
A part of tryouts is preparing to tell players and their parents why he or she did not make the team. You should do so in an honest, but compassionate way. Just saying a player “wasn’t good enough” isn’t enough. Coaches should detail areas where players can improve. If a player is close to making the team, you should invite them to try out the following season. You can tell parents that rosters may change during the season and ask if they want you to stay in touch if that occurs.
Coaches should find a way of not making a cut when only one player needs letting go. Being the only player not picked is cruel to a kid unless their ability is way below average for the level played. However, it’s important to remember that putting a child in over their head is not fair either, and usually leads to a discouraged player.
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