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Jack Perconte

Want to Go Viral? No you don't!

Coaches must be aware of a line from the movie Ocean’s Eleven that I changed for coaches, “You of all people should know, on your team, there’s always someone watching.”
Yes, things are different now in the youth sports world, and you do not want to show up on the evening news, or at the least going viral on the internet for something you did at practice or in games that negatively effected youth players.
You have to realize that almost everything gets “out there” nowadays. That doesn’t mean you should put a gag order on your team, but it means you should always watch how you act and what you say.
As I often say, “Negativity rarely, if ever, inspires.”
Now that you are convinced, remind your team parents of the same. More often than not unfortunate events stem from the sidelines, so have rules for fan conduct at season start and do not shy away from confronting those who are not observing these rules:
* Absolutely no parent should verbally “get on” anyone, that includes deriding their own child or the opposition players.
* Any ridicule of officials is prohibited.
* Threatening any retaliation is unacceptable behavior, as is any repeated gestures that take spectator interest away from the game and to the sidelines.
* Over-celebrating during or after games is not allowed – “Act like you have been there before.”
Finally, try to go viral for inspiring kids, not the opposite.