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What to Talk about after games?

Sport’s Parent and Coaching tip of the day

Grilling kids in the car after games about their play is not a good thing. However, after a “cooling off” period, things you can bring up can include:

  1. Team play. Questions like, “How did the team feel after the game?” or “What does the team need to do to improve?” are OK. They help kids realize sports are more than personal accomplishment and that you are more concerned with the whole than just their performance.


  1. Courageous things and plays or players that were out of the ordinary. A great play, an unselfish play by a player that helped the team, and a player who battled through an injury or adversity in order to continue helping the team are worth mentioning.

Post-game is a good time to remind your son or daughter to always congratulate all members of the team in good times, and pat teammates on the back during rough times.


You should also ask them to thank their coach afterward.


The ride home is a good time to teach life lessons of the value of teamwork, sacrifice, and gratitude.


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