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When Player Meeting is Needed

Youth sports coaching tip of the day
There comes a time in every coach’s career when they do not see eye to eye with one or more of the players on the team. When the situation lingers, a one-on-one meeting with the player or each player may be necessary. The coach should prepare before the meeting, with the intention of having a fruitful meeting where both sides will have a better understanding afterward. It is not wise to hold the meeting immediately after an intense game or practice. Meeting with the player at a more tranquil time, as an off day, is best.
Additionally, if the coach feels like the player may get upset, violent, or misconstrue what the coach is saying, it is advisable that the coach has an assistant sit in on the meeting. The best course of action is for the coach to ask questions and listen intently to the player’s concerns, before giving his/her side of the situation.
More often than not, this “clear the air” meeting leads to a greater understanding and better long-term relationship between the two. It is important that the coach does not say things that will further alienate the player. At the same time, the coach must remain fair and uncompromising in doing what is best for the team.
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