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Jack Perconte

When the Tough Need to Get Going

Sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and "Just do it."
One of the most difficult tasks is working with the player with the “un-coachable" attitude. They give the look of knowing it already or the look that their way is better than the coach’s way. They appear to not care to listen or try anything the coach suggests. It is easy to direct the coaching attention away from them and to other players with a better demeanor.
But the true measure of a coach - "the Teacher" is not succumbing to their attitude and stopping to teach them. You must not give up on them. One tactic is to give them even more attention - "It kills them" - ha. Continuing to offer constructive advice and earned praise is essential. Coaches may become surprised when they turn into a coach’s best student, once they see you believe in them.
Do your best to "bring it" every day. Much easier said than done with some students.