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Jack Perconte

Why Bother Coaching? Here's Why?

Ever wonder why you coach? and What’s at Stake? Not sure of the impact you make in kid’s lives?
Remember, the greatest joy often comes years later!
I am very proud when I run into a former student and they tell me that I helped them become a better ball player. I am even more pleased when a student returns and tells me that I was the reason or one of the reasons they went into coaching. That is an excellent reminder of the influence youth coaches have in kids’ lives.
Legendary coach Amos Alonzo Stagg once answered a question about whether a team was his best one. He responded with “I won’t know for 20 years or so.” Stagg recognized that his leadership coaching was dependent on how players’ lives would end up years after their time together. His response attests to just how powerful a coach’s influence can be, not only for sports but for players’ lives, too.
Always think of the long-term effects of what you say and do. Understand you have the chance to influence years hence.
Be the difference!