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Working Hard is Commendable but?

Sports coaching tip of the day.

I never criticize hard work, but... 
I had a student that was ripping the cover off the ball with a great swing. I was so proud to see it because I had observed how far she had progressed over time. She returned the following week and fell back into her old inconsistent, incorrect habits. It hurt me to ask but I did, “What happened?” She replied, “I don’t know, I worked so hard this week.” I countered with, “Next time we get it figured out, don’t work so hard.” She came back with, “I didn’t know you could work too hard.”
She had me because if I said “You can,” I would destroy everything her parents and coaches have preached to her. Thank God her dad chimed in with “If it ain’t broke, there’s nothing to fix.”
I came back with, “When it all seems to click, ease up on the work load on that particular skill and devote more time on other aspects of the game, until it starts to slip away again.”
Tricky area but athletes must learn how to "work smart" as well because without a trained coach on hand, what players do and think they are doing may be different things.