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Your Choice ? - But it takes Practice

Coaching Practice 101
You have a choice to inflate them or discourage them. When every ounce of yourself wants to yell this, practice saying the following instead.
Remember, times have changed. Kids need approval more than years ago, so it’s not about being Mister Nice Guy, it’s about adapting to the modern athlete and bringing out the best in them.
So, instead of “What the heck were you thinking? or “Why did you do that?” Say, “What could you have done differently?” and “I know we can do better.”
Not, “Why didn’t you do what I told you?” it’s, “Remember what we practiced.”
Never, “I thought you wanted to play, but, “Focus, stay in the moment and let’s enjoy the journey.”
Not, “When I was your age, I would ….” But, “Here is how we used to practice this.”
Not, “Look at me when I talk,” but, “Watch this.”
Notice many of the statements’ intent change by switching to the word “we” from “You.”
Once again, practice these, because in the heat of the games, it’s easier to say the first statements.