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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Discipline

Youth sports coaching tip of the day - When discipline is necessary, consider these before acting:
* Remain as calm as possible and don’t respond with aggression. Aggressive behavior is what some players know and usually expect. When you act the same, it reinforces the idea that it’s OK to solve encounters in that way.
* Explain to players exhibiting bad conduct that they always have a choice to do the right thing. After that explanation, you should offer options for moving forward.
* Make clear the reasons for any disciplinary measures. When kids are not sure why they’ve been chastised, parents may be told a different story. Story variations can lead to upset parents more often than not.
* Be on the alert for acts of swearing, harassment, or dirty play towards others. Immediate discipline is mandatory for these transgressions.
* Meet with the offenders only when a player or two are out of line. You should not scold the whole for the acts of a few. This meeting should be away from others but with another coach on hand, if possible, so it doesn’t disgrace players in front of teammates.

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