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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Practice keeping perspective

Youth sports coaching tips of the day

 Practice maintaining perspective by doing the following:

* Never forget the age of your team and never push players beyond reasonable means.

* Keep your cool when: players lose their temper, parents get upset, umpire blows a call, games get tense, or when lose the game.

* Demonstrate and teach sportsmanship and develop leaders to the best of your ability.

* Choose to be a positive role model for the players, the parents, school, and organization.

* Provide constructive criticism of a player’s actions and never direct it at a kid's character.

* Teach the importance of “team” and never blame a player or players for a loss. Teams win and lose as a team.

* Understand the games are for the players and it is their time to shine, not my time to put on a show. Be the Best