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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Pushing

I regret the few times I showed disgust with players’ efforts. Usually, it had more to do with me having a bad day and taking it out on the team. For many, that reaction is most common with your own child.
You shouldn’t allow players to just go through the motions with little effort and enthusiasm. But, the risk of losing players forever is high when coaches go over the top with their frustration. You have to look for ways to motivate your athletes without forcing them to do things and without making them feel like failures.
Suggestions in a matter of fact voice work that gives the player the option to commit are best, like:
* “You will be less frustrated if you put more into it.”
*“I will help the best I can. If you need additional help, we will find it.”
* “I know ways to improve your play if you commit to working on it.”
* “Getting to the next level is not an easy step, but if you’re willing to apply yourself, I believe you can do it.”