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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Creating a Smooth(er) Season

Youth sports coaching tips of the day

* Have a workable communication relay system among parents and players for any last minute schedule changes.

* Get on players’ calendars first. You should set practice and game schedules up as soon as the team is formed and for as much of the season as possible. Today's athletes have many other activities. Unless your workouts and games are on their schedule, player attendance may be sparse. Few things are more demoralizing than having few players attend practice.

* Make sure each assistant coach is aware of his or her responsibilities during each practice and game. Having unorganized coaches or having to explain things at the last minute takes up a lot of valuable training time.

* Encourage parents to pick up their child on time. You’ll be busy enough without having to wait after team sessions because players are still there waiting for their parents. Recommend that parents have a backup plan when running late. However, parents must also be assured that one of the coaches will stay until all the players have left.

*Have a cell phone rule for when players can use or check their phones.

Be the best!