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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Integrity

Don't be too naive!

Opposition coaches tend to be likable before games and out for the players, but that may be the problem. They’re out for their players, not all players. Once games begin, some coaches behave as if they’re a coach for a professional team. They are out to win regardless of what it takes.

What to Do?

Operate with class and do not let opposing coaches drag you down to their level. You should do your best to keep the kids’ minds on the game. Keeping things civil during games is a tall order, but it’s crucial when dealing with a “win-at-all-cost” opponent. Of course, when one or more of your players are in physical or emotional danger from the opposite team's actions, then you must confront the opposing coach.

Remember, people will respect the coach with integrity whether you realize it then or not    Be the Best!