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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Little Things

Coaching tips of the day - Stay on top of these. Once these things start they spread and get out of hand.

* Do not allow players to "show up" another player on the field or talk negatively of one off the field. Making any gesture after a teammate makes an error is unacceptable player behavior, as is saying a teammate stinks. Explain what "team" means and picking each other up after misplays.
* Do not placate players with false praise like, "You played great" when they didn't, when they didn't practice much beforehand, or when they played disinterested. Explain the relationship between working hard and results.

* Do not allow players to talk back to the umpire, their coach, or their parents. Make sure they address all adults appropriately by using Mr., Mrs., or Coach before speaking to them. Explain what showing respect is all about.

* Have a no pouting rule. This one may take time and patience to see through. Explain that pouting makes the games about individuals and not team and that it drags the team down.