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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Parents Engagement

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I enjoy helping ballplayers improve both their mental and their physical skills, but almost just as rewarding is influencing the parents. Often, when I begin working with players and teams, the parents expect more than they should. They can be unforgiving with their demands on their kids to work harder.
Sometimes, my time with their children changes their demeanor into an understanding and sympathetic one. I have seen many moms and dads change their attitudes towards their son or daughter’s performance. At the end of the day, that parental mindset change is as meaningful to me as their child’s improvement. I know that attitude change leads to happier kids and a better chance of playing longer.

Some keys to that influence:
* Communicate with parents one-on-one occasionally. 
* Give players enough of your time. Parents want more for the higher price they’re paying for their kids to play.
* Praise a good deal more than giving constructive criticism. Parents will recognize that and may follow suit.
* Shape the critiques in ways that do not attack an athlete’s character.
* Never fail to remind parents, too, that "this is hard stuff and patience is necessary."

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