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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Positions to succeed

Youth sports coaching tip of the day - It takes an astute coach to put players in positions to succeed. The following things are a good start with doing that:
* Learn each player’s strengths so they can play to them in the right game situations.
* Read athletes’ body language in different circumstances. A player’s facial expressions and energy level are often the best indicators of confidence levels.
* Talk to players one-on-one to gauge their state of mind. Players’ mental states change over the course of the season.
* Only play players in places they’ve rehearsed enough to feel comfortable. Avoid putting low confidence kids in the key positions that may hurt their self-esteem and future in the sport.
* Set lineups where players feel most comfortable and can use their respective strengths.
* Know which players do not shy away from clutch situations and which ones cringe away from those.
* Get players out of spots, when possible, when all confidence goes.