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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Self Esteem

Youth sports coaching tips of the day.
Coaches are not there to just build self-esteem in players, but they should never do anything that takes it away from them. Doing the following ensures that and helps kids feel part of something bigger than themselves.
Coaches should:
1. Do their best to understand each player’s personality so you can determine how to get the most out of them. Knowing which players respond to different motivational methods is crucial.
2. Recognize the contribution made by each player, no matter how small the contribution.
3. Mention positive player effort and improvement to the players’ parents when possible. Understand parents appreciate nothing more than knowing their child is working hard and showing improvement.
4. Know how much a smile, a pat on the back, and words of encouragement mean to a young player.
5. Look for the signs of players who lack or are losing confidence and try to help build their confidence.
Be the best and please share these if so inclined.