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Youth Sports Coach Tip - The Disinterested

Coaching tip of the day

Coaches should not let their frustration over lethargic and disinterested players allow them to give up on the athlete. A lack of interest affects their growth in the sport, but they are not beyond hope. Many uninterested athletes will come around with an excellent education environment and patient coaches. Exciting workouts that accentuate learning and growth can help.

The thing to understand is that the lazy and fearful players do not see themselves that way. Coaches should not dwell on a player’s low energy levels and fear because that does not help the situation. Here are the keys to developing interest and effort. 

Coaches Should Teach:

 Focus. Ask for an extra minute or two at each practice.

 Courage and Resilience. - Explain they do not have to prove anything to anyone but themselves.

 Support - Use the word we with everything. 

 Self-image - Tell them you believe in them. 

 Praise. Recognize any little signs of more effort.

 A plan to commit. Help them map out their goals of greater engagement.