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Youth Sports Coach Tip - What You can Control

Youth Sports coaching tips of the day

Coaches, you can only control some things. Many parents would ask if I would make their son a major leaguer. How I wanted to respond was this answer from a famous athlete when they were asked, “how do I get to the top?” The famous athlete responded, “If you have to ask, it’s not going to happen.” The point is, there are no shortcuts and magic formulas. Most of all, it has about everything to do with the athlete themselves, and not the coach or the parent.

It all starts with the love of the game, followed by hard work, which produces success. Those three, love, hard work and success build upon and feed off each other. The good news is that you can help players develop a love of a sport, a good work ethic, and the success that results from those.

If that means reaching the top for the player, great. When it does not, that is great too, because coaches can be satisfied they taught the performance enhancers of love, hard work, and success. These “natural” performance enhancers have been around forever. When athletes have the three, they will reach their full potential. Coaches are crucial to helping players have all three of the “real performance enhancers.”