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Youth Sports Coach Tips to Try When?

Coaching tips of the day

Things to try when kids do these:

  1. Show disgust after a play by looking upset, throwing things, etc. Coaching tip – remind players that it is never good to show the other team they are getting the best of you and what “poise” means. A top coaching phrase should be “Forget about it,” to help them remove the previous play from their mind before the next one.
  2. Have a wandering mind. Coaching tip – ask players after the previous play “Who wants the play (ball) coming their way.” This helps refocus players and gets them ready for the next play.
  3. Act disinterested at practice – many players just want to play games, but not work for success. Coaching Tip – have vital, fun, and competitive practices, so kids look forward to them almost as much as games.
  4. Expect instant success – many players are impatient and want to perfect skills immediately. Coaching Tip – preach that skill development is a journey that takes time, and even though the destination is always in doubt, thinking long-term is best. I often say, “It’s not how good you are today, it’s how good you can be tomorrow.”

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