The Performance Path To Olympic Gold with Coach Rett Larson


    In this episode of the Coach Your Best Podcast I have a conversation with Rett Larson, one of the modern day giants in the world of performance coaching.

    If you have never heard Rett speak you are in for a delightful suprise. DO NOT listen to this episode in your car! 

    Make sure you are in a quiet place with limited distractions and have a pen in hand. 

    In this episode we discuss:
    • ​Rett's story on how he became a coach and transitioned from the United States to the Chinese Olympic teams
    • How Rett approached working with a variety of Chinese Olympic Sports Teams including the Rio Gold Medalist Women's Volleyball Team
    • How Rett overcame cultural and language barriers as an American coach working with Chinese athletes
    • The importance of being vulnerable with your players
    • Rett's approach to using a 'Stop light' coaching system with athletes
    • How Rett dealt with elite athletes who had a very limited training backround
    • Rett's 20-30% rule when working with new athletes
    • Why coaches should implement the 'self-organization theory' of training